Pottery by Catherine Guibert-Orrantia
Ronan Kyle Peterson

I am excited to host Ronan as our Spring workshop presenter.  I fell in love with Ronan's work instantly several years back when I visited Penland School of Arts and Crafts.  Since then, I've collected a few of his pieces and they are still among my favorites.  

The workshop pricing will follow the past pricing structure:  $300.00 for 3 days, hands on workshop.  Includes, morning snacks, amenity gift bags, plated lunches, and hosted slide/cocktail night on Friday night.  


In this 3 day workshop, we'll look at building up backgrounds and surfaces using various slips and terra sigalattas to create rich and varied foundations for further glaze treatment.  Demonstrations will include some construction and altering, but most of the information will focus on surface treatments.  Some techniques will include slipping wet ware, sodium silicate crackle, paper resists and stencils, the "nasty", slip trailing and patterning using wax resist and slip, terra sig, and glaze layering.

Attendees will be able to try out wet, leather hard, and bone dry techniques, but bisque treatment and glazing will need to happen after the workshop in personal studio environments.  Everyone will get a packet of slip, terra sig, and glaze recipes for cone 03 and cone 6 firing.  Even though we will focus on functional pots and firing in electric kilns, handbuilders and sculptors alike, firing in all types of kilns and atmospheres can gain some surface treatment ideas and experience in this lively weekend workshop.

I would recommend bringing around 4 pieces (something small and simple:  cups or bowls, etc) in the leatherhard state for trying out some slip techniques.  If things are drier, they will be great for terra sig treatment.


  • favorite trimming tools
  • sponge
  • water bucket
  • needle tool
  • rib (cheap-o beginner rib with ninety degree angle on one corner)
  • cut off wire
  • fettling knife
  • exacto knife
  • bats (5-6+)
  • wax (AFTOSA preferred, but i will make do with whatever)
  • small surform or clay shredder  (OPTIONAL)
  • Michael Sherrill Mudtool red rib, more rounded/kidney shaped is the one i use a lot
  • brushes (mostly natural bristles in varying sizes)
  • favorite texturing tools and carving tools
  • slip trailing bulb
  • towels
  • apron 

Please let me know if you're interested this workshop as soon as possible. 

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